Announcement Sunday

Announcement Sunday

The Next Step Campaign kicked off on CityView’s 5th Anniversary, February 3rd. Commitment Sunday was March 3rd– we saw so many commit to CityView’s Next Steps as they made sacrificial campaign pledges and submitted prayers via rocks that will one day serve as the foundation of our building.

We’ve had pledges coming in since that day and we are quickly coming to our big announcement Sunday of April 7th. We’ll celebrate what God has done and take a brief look at CityView’s Next Steps.

BUT… We aren’t done yet

If you haven’t yet been able to make your pledge for the Next Step Campaign you can do so here:


Pick up a pledge card on Sunday, fill it out, and place it in the offering bucket or box or return it to an elder.

Rocks Are Still Available

As you make a pledge, PLEASE pick up a rock at the Next Step Table. On the rock, write a scripture, a prayer, or the name of someone you are praying to know Jesus. Give the rock to us along with your pledge. These rocks will one day be incorporated into the foundation of CityView’s long-term home.