More than a building

Serving is easy.
Prayer is hard.
It requires you to forget yourself.
It requires you to stop doing things, and let God do things.
It requires you to not only humbly admit, but celebrate God’s greatness.
It requires you to offer up everything you are, and everything you have.
It requires you to admit your helplessness, and rejoice in God’s power.
This isn’t about a building. It’s about building a community of worshipers.
And worship starts in prayer.

Can we get this out of the way? Prayer is HARD. It goes against every fiber of your self-sufficient being. It feels like doing nothing. And there’s nothing harder for us to do than nothing. It asks us to wait on God to provide (And in an age where Amazon delivers in 2 days!).
And yet, God asks us to pray (1 Thess 5:17). He tells us that mighty things will be done when we pray (James 5:16). He even tells us that giving up isn’t when we stop doing things, but rather when we stop praying (Luke 18). Prayer isn’t the last ditch effort to fit around the edge of our days. It’s the first measure we should take in every endeavor we make.
It’s organized into four 10-day sections: Myself, CityView, Community, and the World. Our final prayer will be for the building. Why? Because this prayer guide is more than just about a building. It’s about worship in community. It’s about changing our whole mindset about church, community, family and even ourselves. Let’s do this

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